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Technical & Financial Details

Technical Details

Internet Domain Name:


Web Host & Server:

P.C. Care, Inc.

221 Parking Way

Lake Jackson, TX  77566




Lt. Chad Makara

Sweeny Police Department



Domain Registration:

The Internet Domain Name,, was acquired from the .us domain registry, NeuStar, on 06-03-2004.  Locality Domain Names are reserved for government entities: city, county, state, and federal, as well as schools, colleges, and other councils of government.  This web site is governed, in part, under the policy of NeuStar.


Hours of Operation:

Although this Web site is available 24-hours-a-day to the public, it is only staffed between Monday though Friday, 8am-5pm, in the Central Standard Time Zone of the United States of America.


Financial Details

The following details summarize the financial obligation to the City of Sweeny Web Site.


Internet Domain Name Registration Fee:

Government domain --- no fee.


Web Hosting:

$19.95 per month ($239.40 yearly)


Web Design & Authoring:

NO COST (service provided by Lt. Chad Makara of the Sweeny Police Department)





Our design and content are focused to provide reliable information while eliminating many common and frustrating pitfalls of the Internet.



We have provided important contact information for each city department, our elected officials, and city employees.



We value your privacy and security, so we have established a strict privacy policy. We are also working to make this site as accessible as possible to those with hardships and disabilities.



We value citizen input. The purpose for establishing this Web site was to provide access to our local government, to promote Sweeny, and to encourage community involvement.  Please e-mail us your feedback.





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For more information about technical and financial details of this Web site, please contact our webmaster.

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