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Elections & Voting

Regular elections guarantee mass political involvement and enable citizens to influence the actions of their government.  Elections confer on a government the legitimacy that it can achieve no other way.  As a mechanism to legitimize change, elections fill important public offices, enable citizen representation, and ensure accountability.

Because candidates advocate certain policies and positions on important topics, elections also involve a choice of platform and point the society in certain directions on a wide range of of issues.

Regular elections also ensure that government is accountable to the people it serves. At fixed intervals, citizens eligible to vote are called on to judge those in power.  If the judgment is favorable, and the incumbents are re-elected, the office holder may continue their policies with renewed resolve.  Should the incumbents be defeated and their challengers elected, however, a change in policies will likely result.  Either way, the winners will claim the mandate from the majority of people to carry out their platform.


Polling Place

REGULAR VOTING:  The polling place to cast regular votes is the Sweeny Community Center located at 205 W. Ashley Wilson Road in the City of Sweeny, Texas.

EARLY VOTING:  There are no early voting centers in Sweeny.  The two closest early voting centers are:

Where do I vote? (Link to Secretary of State Web Site)

LEARN MORE.  Visit the Brazoria County website for more information on elections in Brazoria County.


Elected Officials in the City of Sweeny

The following government offices in the City of Sweeny are elected by the people:

  • Mayor
  • City Council (five positions)
  • Municipal Judge


Interested in Running for Elected Office? 

View the selected topics below for more details on running for an elected office for the City of Sweeny.


  • Above the age of eighteen (18)
  • A qualified voter
  • A resident of the city for six (6) months prior to the election



No person is ineligible to be a candidate for any election to public office of any city, regardless of class or by virtue of his age.


Filing Fees




Short Application (available at City Hall)


Filing Dates

Any person qualified under law, who is a resident citizen of the City of Sweeny, Texas, desiring to be a candidate for an elected office shall make application to the City Secretary and file his or her application with the City Secretary to have his or her name placed upon the official loyalty affidavit as required by law, by 5:00 o'clock p.m. at least forty-five (45) days prior to the date of said election, and the earliest date to file being the 30th day before the filing deadline.


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For more information about other election topics, please visit the following Web sites:

BulletBrazoria County Clerk

BulletTexas Secretary of State 

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