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The City of Sweeny Animal Control Services are provided through the Public Works Department and through the Police Department.  City Ordinance No. 103-87, passed in 1987, established the rules and regulations concerning the keeping of animals within the City of Sweeny.  The ordinance also provides for the following:

  • Definition of Animals and Other Terms
  • Provides for Impoundment
  • Provides for Fees and Charges
  • Prohibits Nuisances
  • Prohibits the Keeping of Certain Animals within the City
  • Regulates the Keeping of Livestock, Fowl, and Rabbits
  • Requires Sanitary Condition to be Maintained
  • Provides for the Disposition of Impounded Animals
  • Provides for the Quarantine of Animals
  • Provides a Penalty for Non-compliance and Other Violations

On June 18, 2002, City Ordinance No. 101-02 was passed which amended the definition of "Running at Large" and fines associated with "Running at Large."

To view the Animal Control Ordinance, click here.



Frequently Asked Questions


Without having to review the entire ordinance (which is rather lengthy), we have listed some frequently asked questions below (in categories.)  



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Animal Adoption

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Does Sweeny have a dog leash law?

Yes.  The city ordinance requires dog owners/care givers/possessors to keep dogs on a leash when the dog is not secured in a pen or behind a fence.  This applies to the owner's/care giver's/possessor's private property, as well as roadways, parks, and other private property.  The dog can not be allowed to run at large.

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What does "running at large" mean?

Running at large means:

  1. Not completely confined by a building, wall, fence or other enclosure of sufficient strength or construction to restrain the animal confined thereby to the premises of the owner, or

  2. Not completely restrained by a leash or chain sufficiently strong to prevent the animal from escaping and which restricts the animal to the owner’s premises in such a manner that it shall not have access to within ten (10) feet of any sidewalk or entry to the home or to any mail box at the home, or

  3. Not completely restrained by a leash or within an automobile when away from the premises of the owner.

NOTE: This definition of "Running at Large" is taken from City Ordinance No. 101-02, passed on June 18, 2002, which amended the definition and fines associated with "Running at Large" from City Ordinance No. 103-87.

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What happens if my dog gets off my property?

Dogs are domesticated animals; yet, they no more enjoy being fenced than we humans would.  However, dog owners are faced with a responsibility of maintaining control over these animal for the sake of public safety, health, and common courtesy.  If the animal is reported running loose, or if it is observed by city officials running loose, attempts will be made by animal control officials to impound the animal.  If impounded, fees will be levied against the owner before the animal is released back to his/her control. 


The ordinance was originally written so that the first infraction would result in a written warning only; however, the ordinance has since been amended.  First infraction offenses may result in a citation being issued.  Second and subsequent infractions may result in additional citations being issued.  The Sweeny Municipal Court may imposed higher and higher fines for additional violations.

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What are the penalties for dogs running at large?

First Occasion

Citation (fine from $1.00 to $100.00)

Second or More Occasion

Citation (fine from $1.00 to $500.00)

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Can I have an exotic animal in my house or on my property?

No. Wild, or exotic, animals are prohibited in the City. They may not be kept, maintained, or harbored. See the question and answer below for a description and list of wild animals.

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What animals are prohibited from being kept in the City? 

The following "wild animals" are prohibited from the City of Sweeny:

  • Any poisonous or dangerous reptile
  • Any animal which is normally found in the wild state and is normally incapable of being domesticated, including, but not limited to:
    • Skunks
    • Foxes
    • Leopards
    • Panthers
    • Tigers
    • Lions
    • Lynxes

The only exception is unless the animal is being possessed for certified medical, biological, herpetological, or other scientific research or study.

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Where is the Animal Pound?

The Animal Pound is located on CR 373 near the San Bernard River.  To get there, take Avenue A east until to turns into CR 373 (the road will become gravel.)  Half-a-mile on the left (just past the small bridge) is a gravel driveway.  Turn into the driveway and take another left turn.  After making a sharp right, the animal pound will be located on the right side of the driveway about fifty feet in the field.

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How Much are the Impoundment Fees?


$15.00 Impounding Fee, plus

$5.00 for each day such animal is impounded and confined.



$15.00 Impounding Fee, plus

$5.00 for each day such animal is impounded and confined.



$20.00 Impounding Fee, plus

$7.00 for each day such animal is impounded and confined.

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What happens to my animal if I can not pay the impound fees?

Usually arrangements can be made with animal owners so that animals are returned in a timely manner. In extreme cases, animals may be put up for adoption.

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Can animals be adopted from the City?

Yes.  Any animal that has not been claimed within 5 days is subject to adoption, or at any time, if the owner requests the animal be put up for adoption.

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Are there Adoption Fees?

Yes.  There is a $10.00 Adoption Fee, plus all impounding fees incurred for the animal must be paid.

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What are the Adoption Procedures?

Any individual may adopt a dog or cat from the City Animal Shelter or any other animal which does not have rabies or other zoonotic disease and is not under quarantine upon the following conditions:

  1. The animal has been classified as adoptable by the Pound Master.

  2. The prospective person seeking to adopt such animal has proper and adequate facilities to care for such animal.

  3. The prospective person seeking to adopt such animal prior to such animal being released for adoption causes all necessary vaccinations to be obtained.

  4. The prospective person seeking to adopt pays the adoption fee of $10.00 plus all impoundment fees due; provided, however, animals less than six (6) moths of age shall not be vaccinated for rabies unless such vaccination is recommended by a licensed veterinarian until such animal attains the age of six (6) months.

  5. The Pound Master may refuse to allow any person to adopt an animal whenever he/she has good reason to believe:

    1. Such person would not be able to obtain the proper certification of vaccination under the provisions of this ordinance; or

    2. Such person does not or would not have proper facilities that are adequate for the animal sought to be adopted in relation to the care of the particular animal; or

    3. Such person is seeking the animal for the purposes of resale or for the purposes other than ownership thereof; or

    4. Such person would not be a responsible owner, but would likely care for the animal in an irresponsible manner; or

    5. The particular animal would constitute a hazard to humans or other animals.

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How do I Adopt an Animal?

Contact the Police Department.  Proof of vaccination is required at the time of the adoption.  No other forms are required.

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Contact Animal Control

Physical Address

Sweeny Police Department

123 N. Oak Street

Sweeny, TX  77480



Dispatch:  (979) 548-3111

Administration: (979) 548-3112

Fax:  (979) 548-3326


Electronic Communication:

Web Site:

General Information:


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