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Sweeny is located in Brazoria County, Texas, and is the westernmost incorporated city in Brazoria County.  The area is commonly referred to as the West Brazos Area, and is situated along the Upper Gulf Coast of Texas between Matagorda County and Galveston County.  Sweeny is only 20 miles from the Gulf of Mexico.  Sweeny is nestled between two highways in the area---south of HWY 35 and west of HWY 36.  To get to us, visitors should follow FM 524 and FM 1459 until they intersect.  Click here for our maps page.



Sweeny is geographically located at 29.04 North Latitude and 95.69 West Longitude.  The land area of Sweeny is approximately 1.9 square miles.  Sweeny is void of rivers and lakes, although the San Bernard River flows just one mile to the east of the city.  Like most of southeast Texas, Sweeny is flat.  The elevation is 32 feet above sea level.

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The entire climate of southeast Texas is categorized as sub-tropical.  The major weather threat to the area is hurricanes during summer and fall seasons.  The average rainfall in Brazoria County is 56.4 inches per year.  Sweeny averages 51.9 inches of rainfall per year (the Texas average is 28.1.)

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average temp. (F) 54.4 57.5 64.0 69.3 76.2 81.3 83.5 83.3 79.6 71.8 63.4 56.3
High temperature (F) 63.9 67.2 73.2 78.3 84.2 89.2 91.7 91.8 88.4 81.9 73.3 66.1
Low temperature (F) 44.9 47.9 54.6 60.3 68.1 73.4 75.3 74.7 70.6 61.6 53.4 46.4
Precipitation (in) 4.3 3.1 3.2 3.3 4.8 5.3 4.2 4.1 6.8 4.7 4.4 3.7



(Reference:  Texas Economic Development)



Sweeny is located in Brazoria County, which, according to the 2000 Census, was the 18th most populated county in Texas (there are 254 counties in Texas) with a population of 241,767.  The population of Sweeny in 1990 was 5,077.  In 2000, city officials estimated the population just above 5,000.  However, according to the 2000 Census, the official population was 3,624.  Also according to the 2000 Census, the ethnic diversity of the city's population was as follows:

  • Caucasian - 73%
  • African-American - 17%
  • Hispanic - 10%
  • Other ethnicities were counted at a rate of less than 1% of the total population.

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(Reference:  Texas Association of Counties)


City Government

Sweeny incorporated in 1945.  In 1999, the city adopted a Home Rule Charter, giving the city greater authority and control over the governing and administration of the City.  The city operates under the Council/Manager form of government.  The city council consists of a mayor and five council members.  Council members serve two year staggered terms. The City Manager is appointed by the city council and is responsible for the general administration of the City.  Department heads are appointed by the City Manager with City Council approval, except the City Judge who is elected.



Public Education:  The Sweeny Independent School District serves the City of Sweeny and surrounding unincorporated areas (approximately 156 square miles) for primary and secondary educational needs of the community.  The school district maintains three campuses which are located in the City of Sweeny.  The campuses are:

  • Sweeny Elementary School
  • Sweeny Junior High School
  • Sweeny High School

The district is classified as Class 3-A by the University Interscholastic League (UIL).  The district has achieved the Texas Education Agency's highest academic and performance rating of Exemplary.

Private Education:  Their is a pre-school center in Sweeny which is an extension of the Brazoria County Head Start Program.  There is also a private Christian school (Sweeny Christian School) serving elementary grades.

Higher Education:  The City of Sweeny does not host a college or university, however there are several junior colleges and numerous universities in the area to serve higher educational needs of the community. 

Five junior colleges fall within 50 miles of Sweeny:

There are numerous universities in the general area:



Hospital:  The Sweeny Community Hospital serves the City of Sweeny and the surrounding areas.  Licensed by the Texas Department of Health, the hospital offers 24-hour emergency service, surgery, x-ray, ultrasound, CT scan, clinical laboratory, home health service, physical therapy, and EMS service.

Elderly care, physicians, and dentistry can also be found in the city.



Located just 30 minutes from the Gulf of Mexico, Sweeny residents enjoy exploring public beaches, offshore boating and fishing, swimming, skiing, sailing, and other water activities. 

In addition, Sweeny offers a diverse range of sporting leagues and activities, such as soccer, football, baseball, softball, tennis, body shaping and fitness equipment, as well as walking, jogging, and bicycle trails.

Sweeny has four city parks with playgrounds and other recreations.  Our community center has a covered pavilion and playground for outdoor gatherings.  The school district offers tennis courts, an outdoor track, and several walking/jogging trails.



The city offers water, sewer, and natural gas service.  Electricity is supplied by First Choice Power.  Telephone service is provided by Windstream.  Cable television is provided by Texas Mid Gulf Cablevision.  Internet service and cellular telephone service is also available from numerous providers.



To learn more about the history of Sweeny, click here to view our City History.


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